Taylor Made Solutions offer complete custom joinery services for builders and developers looking to fit-out the essential areas of new residential houses and developments.

We are highly experienced at creating joinery for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and bedrooms, as well as creating custom cabinetry and wall panelling to suit all areas of the home.

Our priority is manufacturing and installing joinery solutions which look great, work well and maximise the use of space. Based on the Central Coast, Taylor Made Solutions are ready to provide the full range of custom joinery elements to get the best result for any project, from Sydney’s North Shore through to the Hunter and Newcastle regions.

Custom joinery solutions for all types and sizes of developments

With a track record in delivering architectural joinery for builders, our team of talented designers are ready to meet the challenge of any size of development. We provide turnkey solutions for all types of projects from single new house builds through to multi-residence apartment buildings and large estate housing developments.

While we specialise in residential building projects, we are also experienced in working with new commercial buildings, manufacturing high quality custom joinery suitable for corporate shared areas such as multi-tenant bathrooms and kitchens, service storage areas or common areas.

With our appreciation of the varying needs within a development, we are able to design and manufacture bespoke joinery which combines well-considered use of space with exceptional finishes and functionality.

Delivering high quality joinery for every room of the home

At Taylor Made Solutions we understand that the joinery fit-out for each type of room has its own key requirements which must be taken into account when designing joinery components.

Our development project joinery design services includes fully customised kitchens, laundries, wardrobes, bathrooms and ensuites, along with custom cabinetry throughout the home such as storage areas, custom furniture and bespoke panelling.

With kitchen design for a new residential development, key joinery requirements include cabinetry and storage solutions which maximise space and usability. We add high-end fittings and finishes, such as soft-close drawers, integrated appliances and stylish countertops. Laundry rooms are styled in a similar manner to kitchens, aiming to make the most efficient use of space while incorporating durable finishes and hardworking fittings. We work within the allocated area to maximise the layout, while keeping the end user in mind.

For bathrooms and ensuites, customised cabinetry is ideal for fitting into the available spaces once the larger shower and bath elements are in place. We can create simple and stylish storage and shelving as required, in keeping with the home’s overall look and feel.

Well-organised storage spaces are highly appreciated by home owners, not just in bedrooms, but in utility areas, hallways and family rooms. Architectural joinery for developments can include designing and installing built-in wardrobes, walk-in closets, and additional storage units which all add to the home’s overall function and design.

Custom joinery for all areas of the home or office


Bathrooms, Ensuites & Laundries


Storage solutions

Custom furniture

Bespoke panelling

A collaborative approach from design to completion

Regardless of a development’s size, it is crucial that all involved work collaboratively throughout the design and construction process.

Taylor Made Solutions can provide assistance from concept through to completion, working closely with your builders, developers, architects and interior designers.

Our collaborative approach ensures that all parties are aligned, leading to a smoother workflow, fewer misunderstandings, and a final product that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Working with Taylor Made Solutions, your residential project benefits from access to our in-house joinery designer, who brings a depth of experience and knowledge. Our joinery designer can work directly with a builder’s client (e.g. in a single home build) or in larger developments leverage their design experience to optimise existing designs.

Collaborating with our custom design team can help streamline the construction process by reducing lead times, avoiding delays and ensuring a smoother workflow on site. Our products are manufactured, supplied and installed ready for immediate use. Our commitment to collaboration and depth of expertise ensures high-quality, customised joinery solutions which enhance the overall success of any building project.

Access economies of scale for your development

All builders and developers appreciate opportunities to better manage costs and identify efficiencies on their residential or commercial development projects. Utilising custom joinery is one element of a project where Taylor Made Solutions can help identify significant savings with cost-effective, scalable solutions.

In our experience, adopting joinery solutions consistently across a development can bring economies of scale when it comes to the fit out of interior spaces. We take a broad view across the project and suggest where items can be amended to optimise results and keep costs within budget. We can advise on the materials and designs which offer the best value, while being of a quality which will reduce long-term maintenance costs.

By constructing a larger number of similar components, savings can be found in the bulk purchasing of materials and sharing overhead costs, bringing down the overall cost per unit. Whether constructing a small row of townhouses or a large scale housing estate, our expert team are ready to put together joinery solutions which take advantage of up-scaling production.

Take advantage of custom joinery for your next building project

Known for our great service and quality guarantees, Taylor Made Solutions will give builders seeking joinery a competitive edge for their development. Our turnkey joinery solutions combine functionality with design excellence to ensure every aspect of a new building’s interior is of a high standard which will appeal to buyers or tenants. Our architectural joinery can significantly increase the perceived value of a building, providing a strong selling point in a competitive market.

  • Maximise space-saving designs
  • Utilise our in-house design expertise
  • Achieve cost-efficiencies through bulk manufacturing
  • Streamline construction times
  • Feature high quality finishes for a competitive advantage
  • Enhance the overall project value

Working closely with your team, our designers are able to enhance the usability and appeal of smaller spaces, leading to optimised floor plans and attractive living environments. With space at a premium in urban developments, built-in storage solutions and multifunctional spaces are valuable additions to any home.

Available to assist with large scale joinery contracts across the Sydney, Hunter, Newcastle and Central Coast regions, our expert design and joinery manufacturing team are ready to help you deliver appealing interiors for your next building project.

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion about your custom joinery needs for your next residential or commercial development project.

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