Designing a great wardrobe starts with organising items into groups, providing an appropriate amount of space for each element, and making sure everything will be easy to see and find. The Taylor Made Solutions design team are specialists at planning the best ways to organise your new wardrobe space from helping select the style of doors, to fitting out an efficient interior.

We have expertise in building and installing all types of wardrobes, not just for bedrooms but for other rooms around the home. Well-organised storage options are great for other areas such as hallways, mudrooms or family rooms. Creating great wardrobe space is about maximising accessibility, functionality and organisation, and that’s where our team have the expertise to help.

Do You Want Sliding or Hinged Wardrobe Doors?

Whether you are looking for a compact bedroom wardrobe or a spacious walk-in wardrobe, a key decision will be whether you want hinged or sliding doors. While sliding doors may be seen as the more contemporary type of wardrobe door, there are situations where a hinged door may work better.

For example, while sliding doors are great for smaller areas, with a very small bedroom, a narrow width wardrobe may not be able to accommodate a sliding door. Conversely in a larger bedroom with generous space, French-styles doors might be chosen for their visual appeal. Our design team can review your requirements and suggest options for you to consider.

Custom wardrobes

Organised Wardrobe Layouts

Organised Wardrobe Layouts

Once the available space is identified, it’s time to work out how to configure the interior. If your goal is to give everything its own special space, then the first step is to identify the groups of items you need to accommodate, e.g. long and short hanging items, shoes, bulky jumpers or accessories. Some prefer to categorise items by occasion, such as workwear or evening wear, while others like to organise by type (dresses, pants, shoes, etc).

Ideally all items are easy to see and locate, and this is where storage solutions are important. Open shelving is the most obvious, but transparent containers or slide-out wire baskets can also be good ways to keep things tidy but still quick to find. As well as standard bars for hanging items, hooks, racks and sliding trays are also clever ways to utilise every available part of a wardrobe.

Custom Wardrobes to Suit All Purposes

Built-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes

Freestanding closets

Wardrobe remodelling

Custom bedroom storage

Hinged and sliding doors

Mirror and decorative doors

Decorative Wardrobe Doors

While the functionality of a wardrobe is paramount, the exterior appearance also needs to be considered in the context of the environment where it is to be located. Flat panels aligned with a bedroom’s colour scheme are idea for a minimalist look, while mirrored sliding doors are great for adding a sense of space to smaller rooms.

For a more decorative finish, wood veneer or textured panels can be selected, or decorative handles or knobs added to create visual interest.

Decorative Wardrobe Doors

Custom Wardrobes to Suit Your Spaces

Custom Wardrobes

Designing a wardrobe solution is about making the most of the available space, organised in a way which suits how you need to access your clothing and accessories. Our wardrobe fitting specialists are available to measure and design the optimum solution, whether renovating a compact Sydney apartment, or a building a new spacious family home on the Central Coast.

We take into account what you need from your new wardrobe and then build and install to suit your bedrooms or any areas around the home to make them clutter-free.

If you need made-to-order wardrobes for a new build or want an affordable refit to improve an existing space, Taylor Made Solutions have the solutions to help.

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion for your next wardrobe or storage design project.

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