Looking for a new kitchen but don’t know where to start? The Taylor Made Solutions team are here to guide you through the process one step at a time. Our team brings extensive experience and expertise to the design, manufacture and installation of quality, affordable kitchens for the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and beyond.

Whether you are updating or renovating an existing kitchen or starting with a blank canvas in a new build, Taylor Made Solutions are here to guide you through all stages of the process. From designing the initial concept and layout, through to choosing door styles and maximising storage spaces, our team have the expertise to assemble all the elements needed to bring your customised kitchen to life.

New House Kitchen Design and Kitchen Renovations

Servicing areas from Sydney through the Central Coast to Newcastle, the Taylor Made Solutions team bring more than 50 years of combined experience in designing and installing kitchens. We offer a full service program where we can help with kitchen renovations or start at the beginning with a kitchen design for a new house.

In a kitchen renovation, you have the opportunity to re-think how to best use the space and consider if new cabinetry or storage solutions might make better use of what you have. You may want to consider custom joinery to maximise accessibility of a previously underutilised space, or simply want to turn a dated workspace into a modern kitchen.

With a new home, we accommodate all style and price ranges, from a budget kitchen which is simply practical and works well, to a bespoke kitchen featuring architectural joinery. In both situations, Taylor Made Solutions is a kitchen company that has the know-how to deliver a quality kitchen, manufactured locally on the Central Coast and installed on budget and on time.

New House Kitchen Design and Kitchen Renovations

Custom Kitchen Design

There are many details and decisions to be made at the start of designing your new or renovated kitchen, with the first for most being deciding the overall look and feel. This is determined by a number of key decisions which we can assist you with.

Decisions to Consider When Designing Your Custom Kitchen

Are you looking just for a budget kitchen for your Central Coast holiday home which is practical and affordable? Or are you looking to make a statement in your dream home on Sydney’s North Shore with a luxury kitchen featuring architectural joinery and premium fittings? No matter what your requirements or where you live, we work with you to customise your kitchen to suit.

Kitchen Designers
Custom Kitchen Joinery and Cabinetry

Custom Kitchen Joinery and Cabinetry

When you walk into a space, the key element which draws attention is the kitchen’s joinery and cabinetry. As a result, the type of cabinetry you choose will be central to determining the overall impression of your premium kitchen. Within this decision comes two main considerations: door profiles and door finishes.

The main kitchen door profiles are standard flat panels, V Groove, Shaker or Federation styles. Which one you choose might be simply a personal preference, or may be to continue a property’s existing theme.

Cabinetry Finishes

Selecting the most suitable finish for the cabinetry might be linked to reflecting the existing home décor or based on a more practical need such as being fingerprint-free in a young family home. Our design team can advise on the pros and cons of each. Options include:

  • Melamine
  • Thermo-laminate
  • 2-pack polyurethane
  • Timber veneer
Cabinetry Finishes
High End Kitchen Fittings and Fixtures

High End Kitchen Fittings and Fixtures

When it comes to new kitchen fittings and fixtures, Taylor Made Solutions offer a large selection of handles and knobs from modern classic aluminium options with clean lines through to more traditional knobs or antique pull cups.

The combination of door profile and fittings should be paired to complement each other. For example, select a standard flat panel profile to offset decorative handles; opt for V Groove, Shaker or Federation panels where the detailed joinery is the feature; or choose finger-pull panels when seeking a minimalist look with no knobs or handles.

In a kitchen renovation, simply refinishing and updating fixtures might be all that is required to modernise the cabinetry of an older kitchen.

Themes for Your New Kitchen Design

The combination of door profiles and fittings for your customised kitchen may be determined by your personal preference, or may be based on the home’s intended style, theme or even location.

For example, in a kitchen renovation for a Federation-era home in Sydney’s Hornsby Shire, the Federation door profile might be selected with antique pull cup handles to recreate the feel of the era while enjoying the durability and functionality of modern joinery.

For a modern seaside home in Terrigal on the Central Coast, crisp white laminated panels with finger-pull panel doors would deliver a simple, minimalist look to match a breezy beach aesthetic.

Themes for Your New Kitchen Design

Our design team have the expertise to make sure your renovated or customised kitchen functions as well as it looks.

Easy Steps to a Custom Kitchen

Select the look and feel

Add the functions to your form

Adopt finishes to suit your lifestyle

Select quality components for durability

Organise the interiors for ease of use

Let Taylor Made Solutions bring it all together

Modern Kitchen Design and Installation: Form and Function

Pull Out Pantry

For some clients, functionality in kitchen design might take precedence over aesthetics, especially in kitchen renovations in a pre-defined space with restricted options for the placement of appliances or plumbing. Those lucky enough to be starting with a blank canvas, such as in a new kitchen build, can find it daunting to know where to start. Our design team have the expertise to guide to make sure your renovated or customised kitchen functions as well as it looks.

Once practical restrictions have been identified, decisions need to be made on how various elements are expected to be used. For example, some prefer their appliances to be on display, while others want them to be hidden from sight. This is where custom kitchen joinery options can be included to enclose functional elements such refrigerators, dishwashers or appliances behind fitted cabinetry, creating a visually uniform working area.

Behind the Scenes of Your New Kitchen Installation

With your kitchen design taking shape visually, it’s time to consider the hardworking components which will make a difference when it comes to enjoying using your new kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Hinge Systems and Drawers

Taylor Made Solutions offer Blumotion hinge systems from Blum, a superior quality hinge which works in the smallest of spaces. The award-winning Blumotion hinges use innovative technology to integrate seamlessly within the joinery and deliver a soft, silent closing motion on all sizes of doors.

Drawer interiors are also customisable to your storage needs by adding fitted cutlery drawers, spice trays, or by being made to deeper specifications to accommodate larger or heavier items such as dinnerware, pots and pans. We offer Blum Orga-Line dividing systems, which use long and cross-side dividers to keep all types of drawer contents organised and accessible.

To keep your kitchen tidy and manage waste, select from a range of under sink or pull-out drawer bins. Whether used for general rubbish, green waste or recycling, these handy slide out bins make it easy to keep everything contained and out of sight.

Lazy Suzy Unit
Pull Out Drawer Bin

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Inside cupboards, storage solutions are available which can be matched to suit the intended primary use. For example, a pull-out kitchen pantry might be on your wish list to make sure frequently used herbs and spices are always close at hand. Or if you have the space, consider the option of a walk-in kitchen pantry, to give a dedicated storage area.

To maximise the useable interiors of your kitchen cabinetry, consider adding Blind Corner Units or Corner Max Units which ensure every centimetre of space is reachable. If your old kitchen has hard to reach spaces, adding a rotating Lazy Suzy Unit when you renovate will let you more easily access just the right cooking dish when it is needed.

Bring Your Kitchen Vision to Life

Bring Your Kitchen Vision to Life

Whether you’ve got your customised kitchen concept fully developed in your mind or if you don’t know where to start, our expert staff have the experience and products to get your new kitchen or renovated kitchen journey underway.

To start bringing your project to life, take the first step by getting in touch below and let us organise a design consultation to talk you through the process. Whether you live on the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, or anywhere in between, our expert team will help you make the important decisions and create your new or renovated kitchen.

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion for your next kitchen design project.

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