An important element of any well-functioning home is a practical laundry. As the area allocated to a laundry can be small, it is crucial to take the time to ensure best use is made of the space. At Taylor Made Solutions our designers have extensive experience creating efficient laundry areas and are ready to help you with your laundry renovation or new home build.

Based on the Central Coast and servicing all areas from Sydney to Newcastle, we design, manufacture and install custom laundry cabinetry incorporating smart storage solutions, all at an affordable price. Whether you live on the North Shore of Sydney or in rural Hunter Valley, our professional team can meet with you to work out the practical elements which can be incorporated to enhance any laundry space.

Customised Laundry Layouts

The Taylor Made Solutions design team know how to optimise the available space to ensure your new home or renovated laundry provides an efficient and effective working space. We design, measure and build made-to-measure laundry cabinetry to fit the room, ensuring all areas are well-organised and accessible.

Custom laundry cabinetry can be shaped to incorporate existing appliances and to maximise the available bench space and working areas. With laundry cabinets designed by us, every piece of equipment and every appliance can have a dedicated space to ensure one of the smallest rooms in the homes is as tidy as possible.

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How Your Custom Laundry Looks From the Outside

Just like the time spent designing a new kitchen, a new laundry deserves attention when it comes to deciding the style. Often a new laundry will be designed at the same time as the kitchen, to continue a visual theme and to promote good interaction between the two areas.

Select Laundry Door Profiles and Finishes

As a subsidiary room, laundries often mimic the style of the main kitchen area, so door profiles are chosen to match. Taylor Made Solutions have a range of door profiles suitable for both laundry and kitchen cabinetry including standard flat panels, Shaker, V Groove or Federation.

The type of finish selected may also be the same as the kitchen, or finished in a complementary colour to be more user-friendly in a high-traffic environment. Our expert team can discuss the options and help you choose the right one for your uses and budget. Available door finishes include:

  • Melamine
  • Thermo-laminate
  • 2-pack polyurethane
  • Timber veneer

Benchtops are also part of the design, and can be fitted to accommodate single or dual sinks or added to the top of cupboards to provide extra workspace.

Laundry Door Profiles and Finishes
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Door Handle Considerations for Small Spaces

Given laundry spaces can be narrow, our handle-less finger-pull panels are a popular choice. They help to keep the space as streamlined as possible and won’t snag or catch on clothing as you move about.

However, there is no reason a renovated laundry can’t continue the same decorative handles used in the adjacent kitchen, if these are a key design feature. Our selection of handles includes traditional knobs or antique pull cups, through to modern aluminium options with straight or curved appearances.

How Your Custom Laundry Functions on the Inside

With the outside of your new laundry coming together, the interiors of cabinets and cupboards need to be fitted out to ensure the most efficient use of space.

Custom Laundry Cabinets and Shelving

As well as being a working space, laundries are normally where we store cleaning equipment and products we need close at hand. We design specially made laundry cabinetry to make sure every broom, mop or vacuum cleaner has a dedicated storage space. Inside cupboards, adjustable shelving can be added to allow you to customise the space to house all shapes and sizes of cleaning products.

Custom Kitchen Joinery and Cabinetry

Laundry Pull-out Baskets

While drawers can be a useful addition to a laundry, especially when fitted with dividing systems, pull-out baskets are a popular laundry space-saver. These easy-to-access baskets keep the waiting laundry neatly out of sight, but make it easy to transfer the contents to the washing machine when ready.

Hardworking Door Hinges

With small spaces in mind, Taylor Made Solutions offer Blumotion hinge systems, a superior quality hinge designed to work in the smallest of areas. The award-winning Blumotion hinges from Blum integrate seamlessly with the joinery thanks to innovative technology, delivering a silent and soft close on all doors, irrespective of size or weight.


We design bespoke laundry cabinetry to make sure every broom, mop or vacuum cleaner has a dedicated storage space.

Planning Your Custom Laundry

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If you’re renovating an old laundry in a small space, or creating a new laundry on a blank canvas, Taylor Made Solutions can help you get the most out of the room you have available. We have extensive experience building laundries for the smallest of spaces in Sydney CBD apartments through to large mudroom-style laundries for rural properties in the Hunter Valley.

Our expert team are keen to help by showing you the cabinetry options, measuring your space, and designing an end product which is budget-friendly.

Contact us now for an obligation free discussion of your custom laundry needs.

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